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2015 Berks Municipal Election Candidates


Reading Eagle is hosting two Debates open to the public.  Tickets are required for the debates but they are free.  Stop by Reading Eagle offices at 345 penn St. to pick up one. 

October 7, 2015          City of Reading Mayor Candidates 

         October 14, 2015        Berks County Commissioner Candidates


Berks County Commissioner Candidates:

Kevin Barnhardt (D) 

2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire


Christian Leinbach (R) 

2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire


Mark Scott (R) 

2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire (incomplete)


Don Vymazal (D) 

2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire


Mayor – City of Reading Candidates:


Jim McHale (R)

2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire


Wally Scott (D) 

Declined to return 2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire


Frank Graham Jr. (I

2015 GRCCI Candidate Questionnaire

Judicial Elections

The third, co-equal branch of government, the judiciary, generally operates outside the limelight that shines on the executive and legislative branches. That is until there is some landmark case.

During these municipal elections we have the opportunity to vote for judges ranging from local magisterial district judges to county common pleas judges to the state appellate courts. What makes this election so different is that for the first time since the Colonial era we will have the opportunity to vote for three justices of the Supreme Court. With this election goes control of the court for a generation or more. It truly is the most important judicial election in our lifetime.  Not only is this election of the judges and justices vital in what will undoubtedly be a low-turnout year, every vote will count.


For more information about Berks County races and ballot questions, visit 

Berks County Election Services.