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Pro-Business Policy Agenda

The Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry member businesses and employers throughout our region are both productive and successful.  Our members face numerous obstacles as they compete in today’s global economy, including: an overly burdensome tax structure; onerous mandates and excessive regulations; unbalanced labor laws; rapidly rising health-care expenses; and a costly legal environment. 

We have made progress in addressing some of these issues. However, there are still issues that need to be addressed in order attract new businesses to our region and to create a competitive environment that encourages companies to both do business and create jobs.

We will continue to work with officials at all levels to address our priorities, strengthen our economy, and ensure our quality of place. Our current agenda can be found here:


The ADVOCATE for Business and Community 

The ADVOCATE is a quarterly publication of the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry that offers of brief overview of the Chamber's current policies, upcoming events, and legislation priorities. 

Business & Community Advocacy Council 

The Chamber has an active, engaged, and diverse Business and Community Advocacy Council that keeps our pro-business goals at the forefront of Pennsylvania and Federal agendas.

The Council, which also includes a Transportation Committee and Special Issues Taskforces, recommends strategies and policy actions to be approved by the Chamber Board of Directors so we can speak as one voice, the voice of Berks County Businesses, to our legislators and key officials.

Below is link that offers more information about the Council and how to become engaged: