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Electric Power Pool

Leverage Your Purchasing Power - Member Only Program

Electric prices are currently favorable, to gain budget certainty and avoid volatile movement in energy rates, now is a great time to procure your electric needs. Now is a perfect time to consider joining the Chamber's Power Pool Program we are currently collecting member information.


... Save on your electric bill by enrolling today!

 No upfront costs or obligation to have your electric requirements evaluated ;

  • Navigate the maze of electricity deregulation by analyzing, negotiating and managing critical components of electricity supply;
  • Provide true apples-to-apples comparison of pricing options and contract terms;
  • Negotiate favorable pricing, contract terms and conditions in electricity supply contracts;
  • Process all paperwork and provide customer service throughout;
  • Administer all activities with minimal time commitment from you.

Process to Participate

Your business needs information to leverage your purchasing power and access to qualified suppliers.  American Power Net (APN) is an independent consulting firm, competitively selected by the Chamber to manage this process for our members.   APN only represents the consumers of energy, never suppliers. APN works with the Chamber to provide consulting services customized to our membership’s needs and energy profile to position you to compete effectively with electricity suppliers and utilities. We’re pleased that American PowerNet has been able to negotiate several cost-savings option for our member businesses and organizations.  

Here is why many of your fellow members have taken advantage of the Chamber’s Electric Power Pool to cut their energy costs:

“The chamber power pool was one of the wisest decisions we made this past year in a challenging business year due to rainy weather for the golf industry”.  We saved at least 25% in the peak of our season when our previous electric supplier increased its rates.   The savings more than paid for our chamber membership…which I find a wise investment annually anyway with all the resources they have available to small business owners!  As a business owner, you have to love when good value gets better when you need it the most!”

Cheryl Heckman


Manor Golf Club

“Chamber membership really does have its benefits. Balancing the time to administrate a healthcare practice and keep up with the ongoing changes in managing a business is a challenge. Our Business Manager and Practice Administrator are so pleased with how the Chamber has provided valuable cost saving opportunities to us. They made selecting an electric energy provider a seamless process, with little to no time spent by our staff, and a significant cost savings to our practice. We applaud the Berks County Chamber for all they do and the benefits they offer to our business. I highly recommend Chamber membership to all Berks County businesses, regardless of size.”

Glenn S. Corbin, OD

Wyomissing Optometric Center

Click here to read the Feb. 2012 Reading Eagle article highlighting the Chamber Power Pool Program.

To begin the process click here and take a few minutes to complete the “Your Company Information” section of the letter of authorization (LOA). Also, send us a copy of the bill(s) you wish to submit for pricing. We are unable to gather pricing from 3rd party supplies for you without this information.   

Have Questions?

Remember not all electric power supply offers are equal!

For more information on the Chamber’s Electric Power Pool, contact Gail A. Landis, C.P.M., Vice President Government & Community Relations at 610.376.6766 or Jordan Dialectos, APN Power Supply Coordinator at 610.372.8500.

Additional Resources

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has a website at that is one source for answers on shopping for the generation portion of your bill.

Click on Met-Ed Bill example to assist you in interpreting your bill. 

Leveraging our members purchasing power

another benefit of Chamber membership! 

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